I Want to Interview You

I’d like to interview one of my readers.  After all, you guys are the ones who supply my Recommended Daily Requirement of of “hey look, somebody’s listening” and you deserve an extra shot of “hey look, he’s listening to me listening!”

If you’d like to be the one I interview, send answers to the below questions to 12thkey [at] gmail.com.  I’ll pick randomly between the coolest answers.

  • Please state your name or online handle.
  • Do you blog?  If so, where’s your blog and what’s it about?
  • What do you think we might have in common?  Or do you think that ours is a classic proof of the axiom “opposites attract?”
  • Why do you want to be interviewed?  Be honest — is it self-promotion, hubris, humor, or…?
  • The mic is yours — what would you like to say to the audience?

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