The Search for Abraxas

The envelope.

The envelope.

I ordered The Search for Abraxas months ago.  Apparently there were some delays from the printer.  But Salamander and Sons was responsive to requests for updates and put up with me gently (everyone knows I stink in the patience department).  It came on Saturday, from Thailand.  There’s something so exciting about getting a package from a faraway land, isn’t there?


The postmark.

Not only did they ship me the book, they included a selection of postcards, a book mark, and a cloth shopping bag (which I used to carry my free-range eggs home from the market yesterday).

The quality of the book itself is excellent.  This is no print-on-demand production.  The weight of the cover is impressive and the beautiful and glossy color plates are perfect.

This is what was inside the envelope.

This is what was inside the envelope.

Everything about the experience was top shelf.

For a review for the book you’ll have to wait.  I gobbled it up in just two days and the material is fairly dense.  A re-read is definitely in order.

A tip of my hat to Salamander and Sons for the great service, the quality product, the free gifts, and for transforming the purchasing process from a mere transaction into a pleasant and memorable experience.

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