Boka Kantina Review

Last Saturday night I ate at Boka Kantina and it rocked.  I opened with the crab rangoon which were stellar — crispy and creamy, with a sauce that was out of this world.  The Asian taco with kimchi was the standout on my plate.  The Mexican, although it was the weakest link, was still very good.

I’m not a foodie, so don’t ask me to break this all down like some fancy critic.   Let’s just say this place is different.  Original, counter-intuitive combinations abound on their funky menu.  I mean, who puts watermelon on a taco?  Well I had a bite of my daughter’s fish taco with watermelon, and it was outstanding.  I don’t know how they make these combinations work, but they do.

What you need to know before you go:  Service was super, atmosphere relaxed, music loud enough to hear without making it hard to talk.  I found their stuff to be hot enough to have some zip, but not hot enough to put off most folks.   They like the truffle oil and the ginger, so if you don’t like either, options will be limited.   Our meal ran $50 for three people including tip.  They do not serve coffee, or at least it’s not on the menu, which was the only negative for me.

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