100 Pounds of Amazing

Saturday morning I found the blog of Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu, and I got virtually nothing done because I spent all morning reading her blog and watching her videos.  This woman is 100 pounds of amazing.  You can find Sylvie’s blog at 8limbs.us.  Here’s a video series of her training elbows with Master K.

I found her by accident.  I’ve been working on the next martial arts book, which is about toughness and mastery, and I was reminiscing about the training sessions I had with Kumron “Master K” Vaitayanon back in the early 2000s, so I looked him up on YouTube.  A video popped up of Master K training someone named Sylvie, and I went down the rabbit hole.  Watched several of her videos, went to her blog, read and watched some more, and so on.  You know how that goes.

Sylvie has blogged her entire martial arts experience in a series of something like 600 videos, from discovering Muay Thai and training in the U.S., to her journey to Thailand where she has gone on to fight over a 100 fights.  Her dedication level, to her martial art and to her blog, is out of this world.

Even if martial arts aren’t your thing, this is an amazing story.

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