Martial Arts Checklist and Workout Log

This is what my t-shirt looked like after martial arts practice on Tuesday.

What a t-shirt sometimes looks like after a workout at my martial arts club.

Is your martial arts club covering all of the bases?  I put together a little checklist for my club, and I thought I’d share.

Each month we choose a monthly concentration and stick with it for the entire month.  Sometimes we wake up and realize it has been too long since we really got deeply into a given area, and that’s bad.  To prevent that, we’re going check things off as we work them.  This month we’re going to do a grappling review and do some sparring (by grappling I mean stand-up wrestling, a.k.a. ‘the clinch’).  We’re not going to focus on take-downs, so I’m only checking off all two of the three grappling boxes.  When all the boxes are checked off we’ll start a new sheet.

I’ve shared it with you.  You can pull up the Google Sheet here, or you can just copy/paste from the table below.  And of course, feel free to modify and adapt as needed.

And if you want to check out our workout log, which goes back to 2009, you can see it here.

Martial Arts Concentration Checklist
Start Date:                                                    End Date:
Description Month/Year
1 All-in Fighting
2 Fundamentals/Basics
3 Grappling Review
4 Grappling Sparring
5 Grappling Take-downs
6 Weapon Command & Mastery
7 Weapon Live Cut/Strike/Shoot
8 Weapon Review
9 Fitness General
10 Fitness Specific
11 Fitness Spirit/Mindset
12 Self-Defense Situations
13 Self-Defense vs. Armed
14 Self-Defense vs. Unarmed
15 Striking Boxing Def./Counters
16 Striking Boxing Sparring
17 Striking Kicking
18 Striking Kicking Boxing Combos
19 Wrestling
20 Wrestling Holds
21 Wrestling Sparring

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