Shocked and Flattered (and a 30-Minute MMA Tabata)

DSC_0156I’m incredibly shocked and flattered this morning.

First, by the dozens of people who shared the story of my CBG and by the hundreds of people around the world who came to see.  I had no idea that making your own musical instrument would be compelling for so many people!

Second, by the kind words, smiles and appreciations of the three new folks who came out the martial arts club last night.  Martial arts aren’t easy, especially when you’re a newbie and you’re outdoors in the humid Virginia heat.  And yet they had fun and had nice things to say.  I’m thundersmacked.

Buoyed by all this positive feedback, this morning I decided to burn down the workout room with this heinous MMA Tabata workout.  Enjoy!

30-Minute MMA Tabata

Set timer for repeating rounds of :20/:10.  You are going to work for :20 and rest for :10 for a total of 60 sets or 30 minutes.

Complete 7 sets of the following:†

  • Persian Push-ups (as you go down, cock one leg out the side, knee bent 90 degrees, and don’t allow it to touch the floor)
  • Crab Walks (walking on all fours, belly up)
  • Sit-ups (feet anchored under a solid object)
  • Touchdown Squats (back straight, eyes up, arms straight up by your ears throughout)

Rest for two rounds.

Now pick one or two punch/kick combos and complete 30 rounds against the heavy bag, using only the combo(s) you selected.


†If this is too easy, add a weighted vest.  I used a #10.

2 responses to “Shocked and Flattered (and a 30-Minute MMA Tabata)

  1. Geeze I get so much happiness knowing people I like so much are feeling so happy!

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