Joy to the Workout


I’m off today for Christmas eve so, having a little more time than I usually have on a weekday, I decided to go a little harder (especially since tomorrow is basically Cookie-palooza Feast-o-rama).

I added a bike ride to the end because, even though it’s pouring rain, it’s in the 70s. It’s so frustrating that people actually *laughed* at Bernie Sanders when he said that climate change was the world’s greatest threat.

But I digress. Here’s your Cabal Fang WOD:

* Dumbbells  (5 x 12 of Plank Rows, Squats, Bent Rows, Swing-throughs, 1 min rest b/t sets)
* Kicks (250 vs. heavy bag as fast as you can)
* Bike (30 mins as fast as you can)

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