Purring, Shinning, Hacking and Coup de Pied Bas

A great picture from one of my favorite blogs. Click to go read!

I’m a big fan of the low kick, specifically the kick that savateurs call the coup de pied bas.  I use it often, and it has a prominent place in Cabal Fang.

There are a number of names for shin kicking, such as purring, shinning, and hacking.  But because of it’s association with boxe française, I was kind of surprised that thwacking people in the shins has a long and beloved history in Britain.

As a sport.

Oh yes, you read that right.  Shin-kicking is a 400 year-old British sport.  Thos limeys are ruttin’ crazy, and I must be too, because this yank has to admit that I so want to do this!  Check this out:

Want to train up and take a run at the title?  According to this article, the rules of Shin Kicking are as follows:

  • Competitors must wear long trousers or tracksuits and may cushion their shins by using straw (provided).
  • They will be provided with white coats, representing the traditional shepherd’s smock.
  • Footwear may be trainers, shoes, or soft-toed (i.e. un-reinforced) boots. Any form of metal-reinforced toe on footwear is expressly forbidden. This will now be checked both before and after your bouts! Failure to comply will result in instant exclusion, and barring from future events!
  • Stance. A competitor begins by holding his or her opponent by the shoulders (or lapels) with arms straight.
  • The contest will be started, finished (if necessary) and judged, by an arbiter, known as a Stickler. The Stickler decides the fairness of a contest.
  • A contest is decided on the best of three throws – i.e. two successful throws results in a win.
  • The aim is to weaken an opponent by kicking his or her shins and then throw him to the ground.
  • A successful throw involves unbalancing the opponent, in the course of a kick. It does NOT involve kicking the opponent to the ground, NOR pushing the opponent to the ground.
  • Shins must be kicked before a throw can be achieved. Contact must be made.
  • A throw is not valid unless the thrower is in the process of kicking and has one foot off the ground.
  • If the stickler deems that the kicker has made an intentional trip, the throw goes to the opponent.
  • If a kick is above the knee, the throw goes to the opponent.
  • The first person to hit the ground loses the throw.
  • The Stickler’s decision is final!

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