Cabal Fang WOOTW #3

The Cabal Fang martial arts workout of the week is brought to you by Horse Riding Fitness Ace Power, the world’s third most ridiculous piece of fitness equipment, second only to the Thighmaster and the Shakeweight!  Video below.

All joking aside, today’s little slice of heaven is a two-parter as follows.

  1. Evasion.  Shadowbox  for 3 x 5:00/1:00 with plenty of bobs, slips, weaves, and shoulder pops.  Round 1 — no feet.  Round 2 — add feet.  Round 3 — all strikes in very short range facing a wall and moving laterally (knees, uppercuts, hooks, shovel hooks, and elbows).
  2. As many 10-count Bodybuilders as you can in 20 minutes.  Do more than 115 and you’ve got me beat.


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