Big Announcement and WOOTW #13

Cabal Fang is now a proud sponsor of the Hermetic Library!  See there below?  That’s us, right there in the middle!


The Hermetic Library is an amazing resource for anyone interested in Hermeticism, the Western Mystery Tradition, or the Perennial Wisdom.  Check them out for hours and hours of reading, browsing and listening pleasure (they have a magical music project as well).

Don’t know what Hermeticism is?  Read this.

And now for Cabal Fang Workout of the Week #13.

20 minute Kickboxing Footwork Conditioner: Set timer for 1:00 intervals. Alternate heavy bag rounds and animal calisthenics rounds.  When striking bag, practice covering foot movements with strikes. Example: Throw Left Jab then Right Cross. As you throw the RC — same time! – slip and stutter step left foot outside and throw a perfectly spaced Right Roundhouse. Calisthenics as follows: Shrimp, Gorilla Walk, Mule Kick, Crab Walk, Scorpion.

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