Going All-in with WOOTW #14

No fancy preamble today folks, straight to it. Now that workout is done, I’m off to the big going out of business sale at Dave’s Comics. Dave passed away and his widow needs funds for medical bills.

I made a comic once. That’s a picture of it above. You can buy it here.

Cabal Fang Workout of the Week #14 

  • 100 Static Slow Kicks — do ’em real slow, like a ballet dancer, with one hand on a sturdy object.
  • Wrestling Conditioner #3:Place heavy bag on floor, put on gloves, and set timer for 10 minutes. Get on floor beside bag and shrimp away from bag 5 times. Shrimp back. Get up and punch the air 5 times. Splay with forearms to the bag, pop up, and repeat four more times. After 5th splay, mount the bag and strike 10 times as hard as you can. That’s one set. Do as many sets as you can before the timer beeps.
  • Cover 2 miles as fast as you can — walk, jog, run or sprint, whatever you can manage with your fitness level.

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