Sacrifice, Redemption and Cabal Fang WOOTW #36

Whether you are a Christian or not, you have to acknowledge that for most of the world, today is Christmas Eve and tomorrow is Christmas. And you have to admit that for somewhere near 50,000 years, humans have been trying to survive the inescapable horrors of  winter — short days, long nights, bitter cold, scarce food and so on. Nowadays the list includes seasonal affective disorder, the stresses of shopping and traveling too.. They’re inescapable because although you can try to dull the edge of what winter brings, but you can’t make the seasons change faster.

The solution to inescapable suffering is to do what to can and then relax into it. Bruce Lee would probably advise you to train hard but when the fighting starts, “Repose in the nothing.” An economist would say limited wants equals unlimited means.  Jesus would advise you to give yourself to God. Buddha would say let go, and so would a follower of the Tao. 

‘Tis the season — to accept what can’t be helped, give up some of your ego, and allow yourself to have faith that the sun will be returning soon enough.  

For a psychologist’s understanding of sacrifice and redemption, check out this fascinating video by Jordan Peterson: 

And now for Cabal Fang Workout of the Week #36 — and All-in Ziggurat for speed or power.

Set timer to beep every 30 seconds. 1 cycle each of Striking, Grappling (Clinching), and Wrestling then 2 cycles each, then 3, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. That’s 12.5 minutes total. For Striking rounds, either hit heavy bag as hard as you can (power) or shadowbox as fast as you can (speed). For Grappling rounds, do Splays, Get-ups (speed) and Bag Lifts (power), etc. and for Wrestling, do Shrimps, Bridges, Knee Boosts and so on. Take as few 12-second rest breaks as you need to finish.

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