Nutty News and Workout of the Week #38

A grab bag of random news and information before we get to the Workout of the Week:

Peanuts are awesome for kids of all ages.  According to this article at USA Today, the National Institutes of Health now recommend that parents feed their kids peanut products at as early an age as practical.  The guideline used to be age 3.  Apparently, early exposure cuts the chance of developing peanut allergy by over 80%.  I’m not surprised.  Kids raised on farms suffer less from asthma and hay fever.  It’s all about the exposure.

coverFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is no longer an atheist.  According to his annual announcement he now thinks that “religion is very important.”  I don’t quite know what to make of this.  Still processing. Or maybe I just don’t care? 

Did you know that there’s a “statistically significant” link between eating egg rolls and owning a dog, drinking ice tea and believing that Crash didn’t deserve to win the Oscar for Best Picture, and eating fat-trimmed steaks and being atheist? Don’t believe all the nutrition/health stuff you read. Fun article.

Above you will notice the cover the new Cabal Fang eBook.  If you  haven’t pre-ordered this thing, please go do so now.  You can save $2.00 by pre-ordering now.  Price goes up to $7.99 on release day Feb 1st.

And now for the workout of the Week.

 Cabal Fang Workout of the Week #38

This week is all about self-defense, and it has three components — one each for body, mind and spirit.

 All-in HIIT for Power.  Set timer for 1 min intervals and complete 5 sets of these 3 activities (15 mins total) : 1. AMAYC Burpees (advanced folks add #20 sandbag), 2. AHAYC strikes to heavy bag and 3. Neck bridge.

Self-defense quiz. Sit down with a pad and paper and draw a diagram of the restaurant you visit most often. Mark the location of the following: emergency exit, fire extinguisher, potential barriers to gunfire, and the location of at least one weapon. If your sketch is at least middle-school level and you got 3 out of 4 things marked, you pass.

Visualization of consequences.  Set a timer for 10 minutes. Assume your chosen meditation posture and regulate your breathing. If you passed the quiz above, close your eyes and visualize the aftermath of a self-defense situation that you survive — you and yours make it out but others do not, you have to harm an attacker, there’s a terrible lawsuit, etc. If you failed the quiz, visualize the aftermath of one in which you fail — you perish, you lose a friend or loved one, etc. NEVER visualize scenes from action movies! Self-defense situations are nasty, brutal and messy both during and after, win or lose.


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