Time Machines, Transformations, Alternative Facts and WOOTW #46

Emerald Hourglass2Although time is theoretically fluid, in the realm of theory and mathematical calculations at least, we generally think of time as static, like past events recorded on video or in a history book.

But that isn’t true.  The video, even though it may be shot in the round, is only one perspective.  Another camera moved in a different manner shows different facts.  A video of a clash between protesters and government forces looks different depending on which side you support.  But Math is as true as truth gets.  The statement “2 + 2 = 4” is true on a level unattainable using surveillance camera footage.

Trust the math.  The past changes all the time.

For proof, compare any two history books from different eras.  As I more fully explained in a previous post, your value system determines what you see.  So when you get more information and your value system changes, the past changes too.  The twist ending of The Sixth Sense changes everything you saw for the previous two hours.  When you discover that your husband of five years has been cheating on you, he becomes a different person, both present and past, and so do you.  Everything you did and said takes on a completely different character.

This is more than a witty or entertaining observation.  It’s extremely powerful wisdom from which you can learn certain valuable lessons:

  • First, if the past is changeable, how much more changeable is the future?  Now that’s inspirational!
  • Second, if your value system is so powerful that it is essentially a time machine, you should probably start working on making it as strong and alive as possible.
  • Third, since a value system is just a framework for making decisions and choices, and since you know that new and increased information allows you to make better decisions,  then keeping your value system current and up-to-date is a good idea.  Whatever your value system is, it can’t be so wishy-washy as to be worthless, but it should be cautiously malleable rather than static.
  • And fourth, “alternative facts” have the process backwards.  They are an attempt to force a perspective change by first manipulating information.  Yes, past, present and future can change.  But they have to change organically through revelation and evolution, not by jamming.

And now for the workout of the week.

Cabal Fang Workout of the Week #46

  1. Full Pyramid to 7 of: Walking Push-ups (take 1 “side-step” with hands between each rep), Split Jump Squats and Get-ups.  Double up on the Split Jump Squats and do a hop-switch so that you get even exercise per leg.  That’ll be a total of 49 Walking Push-ups, 98 Split Jump Squats, and 49 Get-ups.  Take as few 12-second breaks as you can.  Get it done in under 12 minutes you got me beat (12:15 here).
  2. As many kicks as you can in 10 minutes.  Air kicks or vs. heavy bag, whichever you prefer.
  3. Hourglass meditation.  Choose a past event that nags at you, something that makes you feel strange or tangled up when you think about it — nothing traumatic or catastrophic — just something like a misunderstanding or an awkward conversation.  Assume your chosen posture, regulate breathing, close your eyes and clear your mind. Now step into that past scene and try to untangle that knot.  Really put yourself there.  Envision everything you can about the scene down to smells and sounds.  Relax into that slice of space-time and see if you can figure out what really happened.  There’s a reason why you’ve been avoiding sorting it out.  Untangle that knot.





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