The All-Seeing Eye and the Workout of the Week

Cabal Fang Workout of the Week #55 is a little jump rope conditioner followed by a meditation on the symbolism of the eye.

  • Jump Rope Conditioner.  Set a timer for 1:00 min rounds, no breaks.  Cycle through the following four rounds five times for a total of 20 minutes: Jumping rope, Double End Ball, Push-ups, Kicks.  Transistion between exercises as fast as you can and take as few 12-second breaks as needed. If you don’t have a jump rope, use an old extension cord.  Don’t have a double-end ball?  Make one.  For the Push-up round, do as many reps as you can.  If you gas before the 1:00 min is up, do Squats to finish out the minute.  For the kicking round, execute as many kick combos as you can — “air kicking” is fine.
  • Eye meditation.  The eye is a universal symbol of tremendous spiritual and philosophical power.  Take a look at the eye symbols below and read the captions.  Then take a pen and paper and sketch one of the eyes below in bold black lines, or just print this page.  Set up the sketch or image at eye level and settle into your favorite meditative posture.  Regulate your breathing, narrow your eyes, and spend 10 minutes meditating on the eye.  What are these eyes saying to you?  What do you think is the central truth of these symbols?  Record the results in your training log or journal.

The Cabal Fang Workout of the Week

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