Special Polls, Barrel Rolls and the Workout of the Week

Before we get to the #WOOTW a reminder about the earlier announcement: I’ll be doing one seminar a month starting in June — some in person here in Richmond, VA and some web-based.

So please vote in the poll below so I can get a feel for which types of seminars are going to be most interesting to you folks!

Thanks for that!  And now, on with the show.

Cabal Fang Workout of the Week #56

  • Bad Karma.  Set timer for 12 minutes.  Finish as many sets as you can in 12 minutes of 8 each: Back Neck Bridges, Get-ups, Squats, and Sit-out Push-ups (a.k.a. “Barrel Roll Push-ups”).  Like this workout?  You’ll love my book The Calisthenics Codex (5 stars on Goodreads and in the Top 10 calisthenics books at Barnes & Noble).
  • Hand of Mystery Meditation.  Sketch a copy of the Hand of Mysteries or print out a copy of the picture above.  Set up the sketch or image at eye level and settle into your favorite meditative posture. Regulate your breathing, narrow your eyes, and spend 10 minutes meditating on the image.  Afterwards re-read Chapter 10 in the Cabal Fang Book.  Record your thoughts, experiences and insights in your training log or journal.

2 responses to “Special Polls, Barrel Rolls and the Workout of the Week

  1. The hand of the mysteries came up recently in a discussion with a former student. I taught him and his classmates to use the visuals on the fingertips as emblems in their palace of memory. This kid used it to study for a calculus exam -— and was able to use the emblem to reconstruct/ reinvent the parts of calculus he hadn’t learned (illness kept him out of class for ten days), by filling in the missing information “between the fingers” so to speak. Pretty cool.

    • Robert Mitchell

      Yes, it’s a powerful symbol for sure. Thanks so much for turning me on to it (the margin notes on the book were jam-packed with A+ study material). The great symbols are inexhaustible — every time you look at them they reveal some new insight!

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