On Personal Dignity and Initiation, Part One

“We can say that in both the inner and outer worlds, the man or woman of nobility, of dignity, has power and authority over themselves. They have the ability to restrain, and therefore to attain.” Outstanding.

On Personal Dignity and Initiation, Part One

“Without contraries there is no progression.” ― William Blake, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

I recently asked a friend, who is the holder of several esoteric lineages, if he would consider conferring one or more of them on some people who have expressed a sincere interest in the esoteric traditions of the French and Italian schools. He stated that he would, but there were several conditions. First, no Communists allowed.  Given the experiences he and others have had under the terror of communist revolutionary movements and the fact that communist regimes had destroyed so many esoteric lines, this was understood.  Second, no sexual deviance was permitted. Given the role of nature in the forces of life, and that the experiencing of these forces – the forces of life – are increased by esoteric practice, this was also easily understood.   Third, all…

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