Alibris over Amazon

Amazon is the big dog on the block for sure, and plenty of people love them — including my wife.  She loves her Amazon Prime membership.

As an indie author though, I have a problem with their rock bottom royalties.  I make more money when somebody downloads a $4.99 copy of my calisthenics ebook at than I do when somebody buys a $12.99 paperback copy of my martial arts book on Amazon.  And I also just don’t like giant faceless conglomerates.  I like to spread my money around.

So I buy my books either from Book People over on Granite Ave. or I order from  I especially like the Multiple ISBN Search where you can plug in multiple ISBN numbers and it will give you the cheapest bundle.

I like Alibris so much that I decided to become an affiliate. As a blogger and educator I link to a ton of books on this site and I figured hey, why not support a company I like and maybe earn a couple of bucks commission?  I get 5% if you click over there and buy something.

Check them out!

Alibris: Books, Music, & Movies

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