Thanks for the Shout-out Coach

This morning I was watching Mark Hatmaker’s monthly video  — RAW #180 to be precise — and to my surprise he sends me a shout-out at 12:45. Very flattered by that, I can tell you!

At that point in the DVD he’s talking about potentially chaining attacks into buzz-saw-like combos and suggesting that I might already be on it. And he’s right. In Cabal Fang — as in the Mark’s newly unfolding Frontier Rough & Tumble martial arts program — our first rule is to move in and to keep those hits coming!

I am, by the way, pursuing certification to teach Mark’s FRT curriculum in addition to my popular Cabal Fang martial arts program.  And there’s a shocking amount of overlap.

So if you want practical martial arts training I recommend two things:

First join the Cabal Fang Hermit Path Distance Learning Program. It’s a totally free, 12-month study at home martial arts program. No, you can’t learn to fight training solo.  But you can put your head in the right place — spiritually, philosophically and tactically — build a foundation in the basics and shift your fitness into high gear.  Email to enroll.

Second, go sign up for the ESP RAW Subscription Service. It’s top notch instruction at a bargain price.

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