Goosed: Training Involution #93

In the old days, when people used quill pens, the often made from goose feathers.  There is also the expression “giving you the goose” which means to give a pinch in the rear to get somebody moving — the way geese bite you in the ass when you run from them.

Today I’m giving the goose in more ways than one.

Cabal Fang orients itself in the world Hermetically using the compass of the Hermetic Quaternary:

“To Know, to Will, to Dare; to Keep Silent”

So in Cabal Fang there are four different kinds of knowledge: Intellectual (“To Know”), Instinctual (“To Will”), Scientific (“To Dare”) and Mystical (“To Keep Silent”).  Developing these forms of knowledge makes you a better martial artist and a better person.

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We track our progress and integrate these forms of knowledge into a unified whole by keeping a training journal.  The Cabal Fang Study Guide provides a guideline for beginners.

I keep a spiral bound journal in which I log my thoughts, ideas, meditations and dreams exactly per that guideline. But I also keep a detailed log of all training sessions on a clipboard, and I update the log online each month (click here to view).  Detailed data deepens scientific knowledge and ensures improvement across all six dimensions: Speed, Accuracy, Form and Endurance, Mobility and Power (S.A.F.E. – M.P. = “Safe Martial Preparation”). 

Goosed: Cabal Fang Training Involution #93

Are you keeping a training journal?

  • If you ARE NOT keeping a training journal: If you’re not keeping a journal, you’re not practicing Cabal Fang.  Close your phone or computer right now and go buy yourself a spiral notebook so you can start.  If practical, put on a backpack and run/walk to the store to buy it and run/walk back.  This will give you a connection to your journal by increasing its value and emotional weight.
  • If you ARE keeping  a training journal: Open your journal to the workout you did on this day last year and see if you can best it. If your journal isn’t a year old yet, do the one I did last year.  I liked it so much I amped it up a little and made it the monthly Cabal Fang Temple constitutional. And our monthly focus is The Quill as well.


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