My Perennial Wisdom Lecture

On June 13th, 2018, on behalf of Cabal Fang Temple, I presented a 1 hour talk entitled, “The Perennial Wisdom: Sacred Truths of the Ages.”  The lecture was held at Tuckahoe Public Library in Henrico, VA at 7 PM.

Follow the link below to watch the video in two parts.

2 responses to “My Perennial Wisdom Lecture

  1. James A Williams

    Hey Mitch,

    Great stuff—very interesting! I especially appreciate the point—made around the 30min. mark—about the increasing specialization of academic scholarship. I work at a large research university, where I also attended grad school, and while it does many excellent things, I think the humanities especially would often benefit from a more holistic approach when it comes to understanding the human mind and condition. This is a nice synthesis of vitally important subjects.

    • Robert Mitchell

      Thanks James! Losing sight of the forest for the trees, right? Other related issues: 1. Invalidating an entire gestalt because of one factual error among dozens of accurate ones (hence I felt the need to error correct and clarify at the end) and 2. Dismissing arguments because of lack of in-group credentials (“Mrs. Jones is outside her specialty and over her depth”). I don’t do what I do to get praise, but positive feedback does give me energy, and I really appreciate it! One of the attendees emailed me a few days later and said that the lecture reawakened her spiritual life, and that really motivates me do so more. Thanks again!

      Off topic footnote: don’t forget to vote/comment on the post about the temple paint scheme!

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