Cabal Fang Addresses Henrico Board of Supervisors

Last night we appeared before the Henrico County Board of Supervisors.  Afterward we had a pleasant meeting with Deputy County Manager Tony McDowell.  Click this link or the picture below for the video which is archived on the county website.

The short of it is that it we will be alright using the picnic shelter and grounds at West End Manor Civic Association (“WEMCA”) for the time being, although I was advised to get a permission letter from the association if possible.  I also have Community Policing Officer Butler’s approval and his business card, as well as Mr. McDowell’s, in case police officers show up who don’t know us.

It looks like Brookland District Supervisor Daniel J. Schmitt will be organizing a community meeting on or about April 22nd at which neighborhood revitalization efforts will be discussed.  I will definitely be attending that meeting.

I am actively seeking a seat on the WEMCA board so I — and by extension Cabal Fang Temple Inc. — can be involved in the process of making the community in which it resides a better place.

More to come!





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