Live Bowie Knife Cuts

Below is a video of me illustrating the 8 angles of attack using my custom, handmade Bowie from Meherrin River Forge & Knifeworks.  Kenny made me one heck of a devastating tool.

I do a fair amount of live cutting with Bowie and tomahawk.  When I’m not doing live cutting I use a 10″ crescent wrench on the heavy bag.

The world is full of people who claim to be proficient with various martial arts weapons — without doing live cuts and/or without using mock weapons of realistic weight.  Training with lightweight wooden weapons and never actually hitting or cutting anything isn’t martial arts — it’s martial-themed ballet.

I love to watch Nutcracker fight the Mouse King and I respect the athleticism and artistry.  But I don’t expect the dancer who plays Nutcracker could pick up a real sword and fight his way out of the theater if a terrorist attack broke out.  You’re welcome Hollywood for the premise of your next blockbuster action movie.


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