Conversation Ministry: My Talk with Velkyn, an Atheist

Last week I had a conversation with Velkyn, an atheist who had some serious issues with my video and blog post “God Exists – and I Can Prove It.”  We ended up having a really fun conversation.

Velkyn is one smart cookie.  She mentions that she pays the bills by being an administrative assistant.  I bet she’s really good at it because she doesn’t miss a trick.


2 responses to “Conversation Ministry: My Talk with Velkyn, an Atheist

  1. Good stuff…. and even better dialogue about “Religion”. But, I define religion as various ways that individuals, or “man” interprets or worships his version of God, Allah, etc. There are many, many different RELIGIONS. But they all believe in one entity, or God…..that Universal Being who is all good, all-knowing, and is the all-loving Creator or Universal Truth: the best of the best; Infinite truth. Yes, It’s something that I will never perfectly understand. I do believe that if we are created in His image, and if this image is total and unconditional Love, then it stands to reason that He wishes to express this love through us. He gave us free will, I believe, so that we would/could seek and reach out to Him for His guidance, care and love. We have the free will to do this. We are co-creators in this universe. Science discovered/proved that plants grow from tiny seeds into flowers. Science discovered, or made it known to us, that the tiny embryo grows into a baby and the baby grows to be an adult. These things we can see with our own eyes…..understand with our minds. But, what is the force that makes these awe-inspiring things come about? What is this thing that moves the universe! What is this entity that causes the sun to rise each morning and set at night? There are undisputed Laws governing these things.
    I believe that we are far more than the body……this clothing around our individual souls or spirit. I don’t believe that this loving God created man , just to have him “die”, altogether, when this body ceases to function. It is our spirit and thus, our spirituality, which lives on.. This, I believe, as I believe in Christ’s resurrection for the atonement of our sins. ffforforgitimportant commandment: Love thy neighbor as you would thyself.

    • Beautiful and well said Ann! Yes, I too believe that we are far more than the body. But as St. Thomas Aquinas said, body and spirit “are as of one substance.” So I would add that our spirits could do nothing without our bodies. Our bodies are amazing and beautiful — so amazing, good and beautiful that Christ incarnated into a one and redeemed the world!

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