My Sunday Message: The Doors are Open

Last week I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Bishop David Oliver Kling for the Sacramental Whine podcast.   Click the picture to listen.

I was flattered to be invited and pleased that it went well — I didn’t flounder around and I sounded reasonably coherent.  I hope you enjoy it.

Sacramental Whine is a podcast about the Independent Sacramental Movement (ISM) which is a branch within Christianity rooted in the Catholic and Eastern/Oriental Orthodox branches of the Mystical Body of Christ. The host of the show is David Oliver Kling, a bishop within the Community of Saint George, a jurisdiction within the Young Rite ( +Oliver is a graduate of Wright State University with a BA in Philosophy and a BA in Religious Studies, a Master of Divinity with a specialization in Black Church and African Diaspora Studies, and 4 units of clinical pastoral education from St. Mary’s Medical Center in Huntington, WV. +Oliver works as a hospice chaplain in Northeast Ohio.

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