Christianity for Doubters 2: Christian Psychotechnology

My Sunday video is live — the second installment in my Christianity for Doubters series.  In this episode I lay out the premise that there are hidden and mostly inaccessible parts of ourselves that only psychological technologies like religion can reach.  From there I explain how Christianity’s unique symbol is part of what makes it such a powerful psychotechnology and wrap up with a definition of “wisdom.”

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2 responses to “Christianity for Doubters 2: Christian Psychotechnology

  1. James A. Williams

    Fascinating as always. I really like the point about how restriction breeds creativity. Back in my days of teaching English literature I always had students in my classes try their hands at writing sonnets. Many grumbled at first about having to work in a set form . . . only to say afterward that it proved surprisingly liberating, as in: “The rhyme scheme took my mind in directions I hadn’t planned and wouldn’t have come up with on my own.”

    • Thanks James, glad you liked it. Stay tuned. I have some really powerful stuff in store in the coming installments — I hope to blow your mind if I can!

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