New Video, New Newsletter, and More

Lots going on in these parts!  I’ve decided to launch a free newsletter on/about May 1st.  It’s going to be called SHIFT.  It will unify of all my diverse projects — martial, philosophical, physical, and spiritual — into a cohesive source of inspiration for those who want to SHIFT perspective, SHIFT priorities and SHIFT into a new personal, professional, or spiritual gear.  Sign up now for SHIFT — featuring cutting edge research, information, tips, exercises, games, meditations and coupons for discounts in my web store.

I’ve also done a ton of work on my Patreon profile.  I’ve consolidated my tiers, created new benefits, and re-dedicated myself to creating more value for my patrons, like monthly Q&As, deeper discounts on my products, and more.  Sign up for as little as $1/month to get access to exclusive content you can’t get anywhere else.

And of course here’s my Sunday religious video — episode #8 in my series Christianity for Doubters.



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