How to Hold Any Weapon Effectively

The other day I got asked about weapon grip for the millionth time.  This time the question took the form of, “What’s your take on holding a sword with the point down?”

Although I didn’t say it out loud, I thought to myself, “It sounds about as sensible as splitting wood using a reverse axe grip.”  Yes, exotic grips are fun to watch in movies (I really dig it when Zatoichi does it).  But in real life?  Let’s not be silly.  So, to clear this up once and for all, I made the video below.

I cordially invite all those of who who disagree — contrarian trolls, upside-down-hammer-wielding house framers, people who think that Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter was a documentary, projectors from the land of Balnibarbi, side grip shooters, and so on — to go crazy in the comments.

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