Realignment: Mettle Maker #268

Changing are coming folks — I told you last week, “watch this space!” When Mettle Maker #271 drops on Sat. 8/7 the non-profit’s new brand name will drop, and under it will absorb all my projects (Cabal Fang, St. Barachiel’s, Bobcat, and this blog).

Why this realignment?

Because it makes practical sense to improve efficiency and focus. Each of these projects has had low to moderate success.

The plan is to forge four dull knives into one sharp sword.

But mainly because, as deacon in pursuit of holy orders, I believe that every human activity can be an attempt to usher light into the world, and I should be striving to align my every thought, desire, action and belief with that possibility.

I believe this is the way to do that.

Stay tuned…

Realignment: Mettle Maker #268

  1. Warm-up before training.  To avoid injuries, warm-up thoroughly for at at least 8 minutes before you train. Do about 4 minutes each of (a) jogging, jumping rope, or similar activity, and (b) light calisthenics.  Martial artists should do 8 minutes of MBF.  
  2. Self-Defense: Practice your slips The best way to practice not getting hit in the face is to let people try and hit you in the face.  It’s called “sparring.”  The problem?  Repeated blows to the head lead to poor long-term physical and mental health outcomes.  To the rescue: the humble pool noodle!  See video at bottom of page.  
  3. Fitness: Back Squats, Rope Climbs, #30 Ruck.  Last week we did heavy Back Squats followed by a set of weighted chins and a short, fast run.  Make sure that your training has a periodic element.  This week, let’s do 2 x 10 at 66% 1RM of Back Squats + a third set to failure (more reps less weight), followed by four rope climbs (more reps less weight), and a moderate ruck, say #20 – #40 depending on your size (more weight, less intensity).  Hate to sound like a broken record, but LPs without periodicity = injures.  Switch things up! 
  4. Bushcraft: Don’t be afraid of redundancy.  One of the things I always make sure I have plenty of are first aid kits.  I have a complete med kit (the kind with quick-clot, sutures, etc.) in the bug-out bag, traditional first-aid kits in the utility room, one in each vehicle and in the bug-out trailer (read more about that here), and mini-first aid kit (with needle and thread added) in my shoulder bag and in my desk at work.  You never know when disaster is going to strike.  Or when a paper cut is going to need a bandage, or when a crashing headache is going to demand ibuprofen.  Whatever you think you need in an emergency, make sure you have more than one.  Seriously.
  5. Spirit:  Spiritual but not religious?  I’m not buying it.  Spiritual strength, like physical strength, is built through work.  When you train martial arts, always remember to work on “S.A.F.E. M.P.”©  which is speed, accuracy, form, endurance, mobility, and power.  When you train spiritually, work on your thoughts, desires, actions and beliefs using the four spiritual practices: sacred reading, prayer, meditation, and contemplation.  If you’re not doing those four things you’re not “spiritual.”  You’re just lazy.    


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