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Anti-corporate Tunes

The corporate music machine (I think I just threw up in my mouth) pushes some of the most horrible stuff I’ve ever destroyed my IQ with.  So I set out on a quest for some music that doesn’t stink and that doesn’t put money into corporate pockets.

Obviously I’d prefer to go to shows — but that won’t help me when I’m making the morning slave-drive (a.k.a. “commute”).  My search led me to Bandcamp.  I found lots of free music, and some music I could buy for a few bucks.  From what I understand, only about 15% of the money you spend goes to the website, which means 85% goes to the bands.  Seems like a better deal all around.

You can search the site y tags and such, or you can do what I did — search blogs for indie bands and then see if they have anything up on Bandcamp.

If you have better ideas, please say so!

What am I listening to now?