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Best Martial Arts Injury Tape, Hands Down

imageI’ve tried different types of tape over the years, but Elastikon is by far the best.

Knocked the bark off my knuckles on the heavy bag the other day, so when it came time to do some grappling two days later, I knew I had to figure something out.  So I went to Westbury Pharmacy and asked a home health specialist what he thought would be best.  He said Elasikon.  It was three bucks for the roll below.

So I put on bandaids and covered them with the tape before grappling.  After a 90 minute session (30 of it grappling) this stuff didn’t budge.  It’s also mildly water proof.  When I wanted to get it off I had to soak it to get to loose.

If you want some rock solid tape, give it a try.