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Blog Traffic Gone Wild!

Five year traffic history on this blog.

Five year traffic history on this blog.  What the…?

When I started this blog almost five years ago, I thought it would just be a way for me to vent.  I figured there was plenty of room on WordPress for some of the nagging thoughts, feelings, and frustrations cluttering up my head.  Why not let some of them out?

I had no idea this blog would turn out to be this popular or that I’d connect with so many cool, creative, talented, people.

You guys are the best.  I don’t know what else say other than just “thanks.”

You Better Keep the Camera Moving


“You better keep the camera moving, cuz I’m moving fast,” Ali said in his famous quote.

At least two of my books will be available on Smashwords.com within the month, and changes coming soon to this blog.