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Let’s Talk About Shoes

Update 7/28/19: I just noticed that scads of people are still reading my pre-Achilles-injury posts from years ago.  I’m no longer in minimal shoes.  In my opinion the whole minimal shoe thing is hocus-pocus.  Shoes were developed and universally adopted because they work better than bare feet.  Do what you want but don’t say I didn’t warn you!  


wpid-1346593494015.jpgOriginal Post from 1/31/2013

Minimalism in the athletic shoe arena has moved from trippy new trend to status quo.  FiveFinger shoes are commonplace at running events these days, and the whole idea is the new normal.

My son had great results — healthier feet and a better stride — from his minimalist shoes, so a couple of years ago I decided I might benefit from a little less shoe as well.  I started going more and more minimal, getting  incrementally lighter and thinner with each new shoe.

I started by removing the arch supports from a light pair of New Balance runners.  Eventually I worked my way into a pair of torture devices known as the New Balance MT-10.  It’s a horrible shoe so I’m not posting a link.  The whole idea of a minimalist shoe is that the foot should be allowed to spread.  But the New Balance Sure-fit Specialist at the local shop assured me that they are supposed to fit tight.

Not only did they cost an arm and a leg, these shoes are disposable.  That’s right — MT-10s are designed to last for just 125 miles.  The guy at the New Balance store didn’t mention that detail until I came back to complain that the shoes sucked for comfort and held dirt like nobody’s business.  Ridiculous.

A few weeks ago I strained by Achilles tendon doing sprints in the MT10s and they went into the trash bin.  I’m convinced it’s because they fit so tightly that they restricted blood flow.

So, what am I working out in nowadays?  Chuck Taylor All-Stars.  I have come full circle.  This is the same shoe I wore in 3rd grade.  Go figure.

I’d love to hear what you’re wearing during workouts, if you’ve gone minimal or not, if you like/hate the MT-10s, if you love your Chucks, or what-have-you.

Let’s talk shoes.

Two-and-a-half Busy Weeks

Update 7/18/19:  My club still uses the flag but we’re now called Cabal Fang Temple, and we’re a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational charity.  Visit our website or purchase our 12-week personal growth program at Smashwords, Amazon, B&N, or wherever fine e-books are sold.


Original post:

Studies show that you can kick 150% more ass in boots than you can in sock feet.  Actually, that’s not true.  I watched dozens of people (including my son) defeat Tough Mudder in glorified sock feet (a.k.a. Vibram five finger shoes).  Go figure.  Me? I’m sticking with the boots.

I haven’t posted the blog in 2 1/2 weeks.  Been a little busy.

10/19/11: After a slow start, began  working in earnest on the new Cabal Fang website over at Tumblr.  Re-write of the Cabal Fang Manual is about 75% done.

10/21/11:  Wrote and submitted a 500 word essay to a ‘zine called Get Fit for the Pit — a “a compilation zine that focuses on health and fitness from a punk/activist perspective.”  Hopefully they’ll use it.

10/23/11: Went to Wintergreen and watched my son kick butt at Tough Mudder — 10 miles, 27 obstacles, and brutal hills.  A truly amazing experience.  Way to go Robert!

10/25/11:  Got hit in the face with more than the usual force at the martial arts club.  Didn’t seem like a big deal until I started seeing black spots and flashes of light.  After several days I decided to call the doctor…

10/30/11:  …spent two hours at Virginia Eye Institute (yes, they open on Sundays for urgent eye stuff) getting a nightmarish exam that revealed a vitreous detachmentGood news: I’m not blind and it’ll heal.  Bad news: no more getting in the face (at least not that hard).

10/31/11: After collecting and delivering water, food, blankets, sleeping bags, and other supplies to Kanawha plaza twice a week for two weeks, I watched the news in horror as I discovered Occupy Richmond was bulldozed.  That night I went trick-or-treating with my kids and grand-kids, feeling lucky that I have a house and job and a beautiful family!

11/1/11: Started collecting money for the 2011 Kidney Walk on the All for Audrey Team.  Walking in honor of my granddaughter Audrey and in memory of my father.  Kidney disease is a debilitating disease that affects 1 in 9 Americans — over 85,000 people are waiting for kidney transplants as you read this.  The walk is this Sunday.  Make a donation here.

I can’t remember the date of the most remarkable thing that happened in the last 2 1/2 weeks.  Somewhere in this period of time I had a couple of really wonderful conversations with my beautiful wife.  She pointed out how I’ve lately started to see the glass as half empty instead of half full, which is strange and alarming, because everybody knows I’m Mr. Positive.  She opened my eyes about a lot of stuff and basically got me back to my old self.  She’s cool like that.

I’ve laced up my boots and I’m back in the game.