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Two New Books to Read

imageBlackbirds by Chuck Wendig over at Terribleminds came in the mail from Alibris last week and I’m about 60 pages in.  Exciting, plot-driven stuff so far, with a protagonist you love in print but would probably steer clear of in real life (if you knew what was good for you).

(Footnote: If the IOC permitted Swearing as an Olympic event, Chuck Wendig would be its Michael Phelps.  I pity the grocery clerk who puts his bread on the bottom.  Ears will melt.  Parents will hold their children close and shield their faces from the shattering glass of nearby shop windows.  My boy Chuck cusses like a Thompson gun.)

When Blackbirds is done I’ll dig into Lady Go Die by Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins.  R.I.P. Mickey, you are missed.  Can’t wait to see what Collins has done with Mickey’s signature character.   I’m a huge fan of Spillane and I’ve read probably 30 of his books, so Max, this is not a pop quiz for zero credit.  This will be for 50% of your final grade.