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Calling All Cops and Autobots

My wife’s favorite band, Motion City Soundtrack, is taking an indefinite hiatus. After a 19 year run, during which time they were constantly in our car trip rotation, they really grew on me. So last night we went to see them in concert one last time.  We are somewhere in this photo right here:









It’s kind of cool, and rather fitting, that the band would go out this way. Everybody’s getting married and settling down and/or bone tired of touring, ready to wrap it up.  No nasty breakup, nobody overdosed, no heavy drama. Just a bittersweet goodbye.

It’s fitting because, if you’re unfamiliar with the band, they have a way of packaging mixed emotions inside witty, humorous lyrics and catchy pop melodies. They were a damn good band. Are a damn good band.

So long guys, best wishes, thanks for the fun.