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Hey Disinfo, I Said that Four Months Ago

Graphic from Disinfo.com. By the way, you guys rock. Click the pic to go there and read the article.

I just read Disinfo’s article “What do Occupy and the Tea Party have in common?” and threw up my hands.  Why?  Cause I said this four months ago in this article entitled “Camo – Guns = Tie Dye.”  Well, not exactly.  Think of my article as the prequel.

But I thought all of things that Disinfo said, I just didn’t write it because at the time I wanted to write a humorous article.  I’ve been saying all of this to friends  (and anybody else who’ll listen) since Occupy started.

So if Occupy and the Tea Party — the most influential movements of the Left and Right — agree on these six points, why can’t we get these six things done?  Because they all run afoul of Big Money Politics.    There’s no way anything is getting done that crosses the Fortune 500.

Politicians who depend on corporate money to fund campaigns will not bite the hands that feed them.  Simple, sad, and true.

Leadership, the Record Carbon Jump, and You

I’m frustrated and upset by the New York Times article titled Carbon Emissions Show Biggest Jump Ever Recorded.  Yes, I’m frustrated by the numbers, and yes, I’m angered that our leaders in government have done such a poor job on climate change legislation.

But I’m equally frustrated by the tone and placement of the article. It’s written as though the average citizen of Earth is just along for the ride; as if we’re in the back seat and our leaders have complete control of the steering wheel. Why isn’t this article on the front page, in type as big as “NIXON RESIGNS”?  Why doesn’t it call people to action?  When it comes to climate change there should be no neutral point of view, and no politics.

Mainstream news has failed us and our governments have failed us. What are we going to do about it? The fact is, our leaders could legislate their lazy buns off, and journalists could type their fingers to nubs, but there would be no substantive change. Imagine a draconian law making it illegal to commute more than 10 miles to work. Would people move or change jobs?  Or would they drive anyway, or even openly revolt?

Some legislation and some apocalyptic reporting would be great — it would be true leadership — but it’s equally important for the citizenry of Earth to wake up and realize that the fate of the planet is at stake. We, as global citizens, need to take action.

Which is why the Occupy Movement is so fantastic and so critical, so vitally important. It shows that we don’t have to wait for our greedy, myopic, self-centered leaders to start leading.  We can take charge of our futures.

Now that’s what I call leadership.