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The Templar Papers by Oddvar Olsen

I just read The Templar Papers edited by Oddvar Olsen, a compilation of material from The Temple magazine. Some of the articles are better than others.  The best ones don’t have the phrase “what if…” in every paragraph.  There are a couple of sections that chain together five or six “what ifs” to arrive at a “fact” which is then used as the launching point and a reference for one of the other writers.

I’m not sure, but my impression is that these writers are all in their own secret abbey somewhere trading bits of speculative information and nourishing each other’s ideas.  And although that sounds like fun, the level of speculation in this books puts it more the the realm of fiction than non-fiction.

It’s great to read as entertainment and it is valuable as such.  It excites the imagination into flights of fancy and its fun to read along and let your imagination run wild.  Unfortunately, it seems like most of what it contains is, well, just that.

Don’t pick it up for scholarship, pick it up for fun.