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Update Regarding Dexter and his Pink Headband

The other day I blogged about the story “What Happened When My Son Wore a Pink Headband to WalMart” by Katie Vyktoriah Carpenter.  Time for an update.

If you haven’t read her story, here it is in a nutshell: Katie claims that her toddler was accosted by a homophobic jerk while shopping, and that this jerk pulled a pink headband off her son and said (among other things), “Your son is a f*cking fa***t. He’ll get shot for it one day.”

Lots of people think the story is fake, but then a lot of people think it isn’t.  True or not true, it sure says a great deal that the story is so believable.  Anyway, here are the developments:

“Editor’s Note: HuffPost provides a platform for bloggers to share their thoughts and experiences. In a post published last week, an author described witnessing an incident that is now being investigated by local law enforcement. At the blogger’s request, we have removed the post. We have also confirmed with investigators that they are in contact with the author.”

  • This story cropped up.  Apparently the police responded to a call at Katie’s home, found her suicidal, and under the Baker Act, took her into custody:

Carpenter told deputies, according to the report, “that the attention obtained by her story and the negative comments and communications to her had become too much stress and she could not handle the situation…anymore,” and was thinking of killing herself.

I can’t wait to see how this plays out…


Hey Bully: Knock Off This Pink Headband

Update 7/18/19:  Wow, there’s so much wrong with this post it’s not even funny.  First off, it’s so bloated with ego that I cringe looking at it.  What was I thinking?  Second, it looks like the whole story about Dexter was fake news.  And thirdly, my club still uses the flag but we’re now called Cabal Fang Temple, and we’re a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational charity.  Visit our website or purchase our 12-week personal growth program at Smashwords, Amazon, B&N, or wherever fine e-books are sold.


Original post:

Pink_headbandWhen I read about what happened to Dexter and his mother at Walmart I was enraged.  If you haven’t heard, here’s the recap: Dexter, a two year-old boy, was wearing a pink headband in the store as his mother shopped.  Some homophobic loser bully pulled the pink headband from Dexter’s head, cuffed him in the face, and said among other things, “Your son is a f*cking fa***t. He’ll get shot for it one day.”

Every time I think about it my heart races.

I was bullied as a kid, and those experiences made me a distant and closed off kid, a loner and a nerd with few friends.  Thankfully, after years of martial arts and life experience, I’m still a nerd but I have tons of friends and I’m an outgoing, relaxed, and gentle person.

Except where bullies are concerned.  Child bullies need to be reached out to and counseled.  But adult bullies need to either evolve or get their heads packed in.

To the homophobic bully who terrified Dexter and made him cry:  This is me and my pink headband.  If you’d like to repeat your performance with a grownup, you can find me at The Order of Seven Hills Martial Arts Club on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  Or you can go get yourself some therapy for your issues.  It’ll be cheaper than your hospital stay.

And to those of you who feel the same way, tweet your pictures to #pinkheadband.