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Spicy Pork Bowl


I forgot to take the picture before I started eating. This is what half a Spicy Pork Bowl looks like.

Continuing my habit of posting one healthy recipe a week that is four ingredients or less, tasty, healthy and slow-carb, I now submit for your approval…

Spicy Pork Bowl

(makes 5 servings, just in case you want to cook on Sunday and take it to work all week long†)

  • 2.5 lbs of boneless pork chops or a port loin (humanely raised if available)
  • 1 can of organic black beans
  • 2 lb bag of organic mixed veggies (the kind without corn if you want it to be 4HB-compliant)
  • Salt, black pepper, and Rooster Sauce to taste

Cook your pork until done (internal temp of 145° — and remember that temp rises about 5° after it comes off the heat, so don’t overcook).   While you’re waiting for it cool, cook mixed veggies per package directions.  Drain and rinse black beans in a colander.  When the pork has cooled to room temperature, slice it thin on the diagonal, and then into narrow strips.  Mix everything up in a bowl.  Add salt, black pepper, and Rooster Sauce to taste.

Nutrition info per serving (makes 5): Calories: 639, Fat: 29, Protein: 54, Carbs: 37 (much less if you use veggie mix without corn), Fiber: 13.


†Don’t forget — when you reheat a dish in the microwave that contains meat, always use 50% power or else the meat will be so tough it will be suitable only for dog treats or flip-flop soles.