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The Best Band-Aid Ever

imageYou won’t find many product endorsements on my blog.  But this product is too good not to mention: Band-Aid Advanced Healing for Blisters, Fingers & Toes.

As a martial artist and outdoorsy kind of guy, I get dinked up a fair amount.  Yesterday I got a blister from swinging a cane for two hours (I was teaching a cane-fighting seminar).  A blister popped, but it’s not bothering me at all because I put one of these puppies on it.

They ain’t cheap, but if you have a small cut or a popped blister they are by far the best coverage I’ve seen.  And if you think about it, they aren’t as expensive as all that.  Considering you can put one on and forget for three days or more, you run through fewer of them than you do of the others.

I don’t care enough to run a detailed cost-analysis because it’s worth the extra bucks not to be driven crazy by sopping band-aids that fall off if you so much as look at ’em funny.  These things stick like nobody’s business, and are completely waterproof.  Which means if you can wash your hands and not have to worry about getting a band-aid wet.