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P.R.A. for Self-Defense and Survival

When it comes to martial arts, most folks focus on flash and neglect preparation and prevention.  The video below is an introduction to P.R.A., which stands for “Preparation, Recognition and Action.”  Because here’s the thing.

He who avoids conflict cannot lose.

That’s the preparation part. The prevention piece breaks down into a series of four steps I call P.A.D.E.  It breaks down like this: if you’re never avoid anything you hit everything, 

And failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

Want the details on P.A.D.E.?  Well, if you prefer the Frontier Rough & Tumble quick fix, read my self-defense booklet “Nine Lives of the Bobcat!”  But if you want the whole martial arts program enchilada, get yourself a copy of the Cabal Fang Complete Study Course from Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, or wherever fine ebooks are sold.