Three-wheeled vehicle What-if Mash-up

Riley's XR3

If only we could put these two into one room:

1. Robert Q. Riley.  His XR3 is a 125 mpg diesel three-wheeled car (200+ mpg hybrid version!).   His prototype has been running since the 80s but he can’t get the funding to go to market. 

2. Campagna.  They sell the T-rex, a three-wheeled vehicle (technically a motorcycle) made in Canada that starts at $53,999 and gets 14 mpg.

Campagna T-Rex


What if Campagna put Riley’s drive train in the T-rex?  Imagine a two-seater motorcycle that looks like the T-rex and really turns heads – only with 125 mpg.  It doesn’t have to have a top speed of 144 mph and a 0-to-60 of 3.9 seconds like the beauty on the right.

Seems to me a vehicle with the styling of the T-rex but with a fully enclosed passenger compartment like the XR3, 100+ mpg, and a reasonable price tag, would sell like hotcakes.  I’d gladly take the three day class to get my type M license so I could commute in eco-friendly style.

C’mon manufacturers, mash up the available technology any way you want.  Just give us something that really rocks – ecologically, artistically, and practically.

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