The Goal: Twenty-five Years Later

I started studying martial arts in 1986.  Soon I had set the goal of achieving the rank of master, and I pursued it with single-minded intent for a long time.

About five years ago I put that goal out of my mind.  I directed my focus to founding a new martial art based on Western concepts and ideals, and on building a club rather than a business. 

Now that I’ve achieved a master’s rank it seems so less important than it did then.  It’s an honor to be sure, and I’m proud.

But what I’m most proud of are the guys who come to the park twice a week rain or shine, in the dark, in blazing sun, in the boiling heat and freezing cold; who brave the bruises and the bugs to work out together.

The honor of their company is far greater than any rank I could every hope to achieve.

3 responses to “The Goal: Twenty-five Years Later

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