Why is it always the good ones?

I’ve been following the story of Aimee Copeland, the eco-psychology student who is fighting for her life against flesh-eating bacteria. It makes me think about my friend Clay Cavedo who lost her life along with her children, and about all the spectacular people who I wish were still here. Why does it seem like the good ones are taken early but the wicked ones hold on forever? I really hope it’s a trick of the mind, some kind of mental pessimism, that makes it seem that way.

2 responses to “Why is it always the good ones?

  1. It’s pessimism. Get more exercise.

    • Pretty common thing to say Brooke. I guess you didn’t notice that I’m an avid martial artist who does get plenty of exercise. Or, more importantly, that my friend and her two daughters died in a senseless accident. You should be ashamed for saying something so cold.

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