Writing Productivity Update

Writing Goals

A month ago I posted about my new approach to getting productive.  It’s working.  I’ve been keeping this little chart in Google Docs to keep track. My daily goal is 1,000 words, the ultimate goal to finish this book before I go on vacation the week of July 4th.  I’ve hit the goal about half of the time.

Right now I’m about 5,000 words behind, but that’s only against the projected 75,000 words that I think the book will work out to be.  I might get to 65,000 and be done; it could stretch to 85,000.  At some point these things take on a life of their own.

I also mentioned back in December that I was going to start using a standing desk while writing, and that’s working too.  At the office, when I write on lunch break, I put my laptop on a wine crate and write standing up.  Here at the house, I added a folding shelf to the corner cabinet in my man cave and write there.  Writing while standing increases my focus.  If I get stuck, I can walk away, pace, do a few pushups or squats, and generally shake it off.  The first night was a little strange, but I adapted and benefited very quickly.  Now I can truthfully say that I’ve learned how to ‘think on my feet.’



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