Flash Fiction Challenge Accepted

This morning I decided to take Chuck’s 100 word flash fiction challenge over at Terribleminds.  Hope you like it.

The Poll

Still groggy, he checked the stats.  Over thirty million website visitors overnight.

At work six months ago, trying to win a how-many-marbles-in-the-jar contest, Ergie had eavesdropped, probed, spied over shoulders, and averaged every guess he could steal.  He won.

The larger the pool, the more accurate the average, he had thought.

Inspired, Ergie applied his technique to his Big Question.  This site had cost him his raffle winnings and his savings.  Shakily he clicked the link.

His mind raced to make sense of the results.

If we know that’s how it ends, why aren’t we doing anything to stop it?

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