Next Writing Project?

My view of the side table from my favorite chair

“What should my next writing project be?” he thought from the comfort of his favorite easy chair…

I know I should capitalize on the (relative) success of Ghilan and write a sequel.  But then, the free eBook Chatters on the Tide is being downloaded 7:1 over Ghilan, so maybe I should write a sequel or prequel to that one instead?  I also have a non-fiction book on calisthenics that I could knock out if I wanted to, and I haven’t submitted any non-fiction articles or short stories lately, which I could also do.

So, loyal readers, what should I do?

1. A fiction novel tying together Chatters on the Tide and Ghilan,

2. A non-fiction book on calisthenics for solo and group practice,

3. Some Non-fiction articles you’ll probably never see because nothing seems to sell, or

4. Some short stories that you’ll probably never see because they don’t fit into popular genres and they don’t sell either.


2 responses to “Next Writing Project?

  1. As much as I hate to say it, go for the one that will provide the most revenue. Continuing to expand on the universe of Ghilan sounds like a good bet for now.

  2. Expanding the universe of Ghilan definitely makes the most common sense to me in terms of fun and entertainment for the reader. That said, the most popular post in the history of this blog has been “Quick Candle Ritual 101” so what do I know?

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