Stir Crazy Cafe

image The only thing as tasty as a good cup of coffee is a local indie business.  So when I see a local non-chain coffee shop I have an age-of-Aquarius-like moment where planets align and I’m drawn inside the womb of the universe to gaze at the great star-child.

I popped into Stir Crazy a few months ago and forgot to blog about it.  The other day I was in the neighborhood (the Bellevue neighborhood to be specific) and I decided to go in with my daughter, sit down, and have the whole indie coffee shop experience.

We sat ourselves at a table smack in the middle of the place and waited for our order.  A couple in the front corner sat in the sun; she crocheted while he read his paper.  Just about everybody who came in waved to someone or called out to a friend or acquaintance by name.  The atmosphere was relaxed and comfortable. Local art hangs on the walls.  Nothing is pre-fab, fake, or phony, and this place is not trying to be hip.  Just honest.

My daughter had what she called “a bangin’ bagel” with cream cheese and an iced-coffee, and I had a huge half-caff, which set us back just under 6 bucks.  Everything was delish (they brew Rostov’s).  How is it possible to have more fun for that kind of money?  Sandwich selection is massive, and I saw some intriguing offerings on the big chalk board.  I’ll have to go back with an appetite another day.

Looks like they have 8-cup coffee jugs too.  With a short detour off of 95 North I’ll be able to get coffee and bagels for my office team.



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