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Keep Cup

imageThis is my new KeepCup.  I’ve had it for a week (which amounts to roughly thirty cups of coffee¹) and I already love it.  Since the cup ecologically “pays for itself” in just fifteen uses, it has already paid for itself twice.  You can get one here.

They are fully customizable, part by part.  So if you don’t want a brown and black one like mine, you can choose from about twenty different colors for the cup, band, lid, and plug to create your own masterpiece.

It’s a durable (tested to 1,500 uses!), non-insulated, spill-resistant cup that can be used for any kind of beverage.  Durability is important to me because, let’s face it, I’m a hardcore java junkie who really puts the wear and tear on his equipment.  My Aladdin cup broke and had to be fixed, and my Tervis had to be retired because hard water stains accumulated on the inner rim until it looked like the shore of the Dead Sea (sorry Tervis, but I don’t care what you say, your cups are for clear liquids only).

KeepCups are sustainably manufactured in Australia and shipped from distribution hubs in AU, UK and the US.


¹ Look, I’m a writer.  I drink a lot of coffee.  Before work I have four cups in a ceramic mug at the house, and then I start using the KeepCup on the road and at the office, where I knock back another five or so cups.  I try to limit my consumption to a pot a day, because, you know, that would just be excessive.  Better than swilling bourbon all day, right?

Stir Crazy Cafe

image The only thing as tasty as a good cup of coffee is a local indie business.  So when I see a local non-chain coffee shop I have an age-of-Aquarius-like moment where planets align and I’m drawn inside the womb of the universe to gaze at the great star-child.

I popped into Stir Crazy a few months ago and forgot to blog about it.  The other day I was in the neighborhood (the Bellevue neighborhood to be specific) and I decided to go in with my daughter, sit down, and have the whole indie coffee shop experience.

We sat ourselves at a table smack in the middle of the place and waited for our order.  A couple in the front corner sat in the sun; she crocheted while he read his paper.  Just about everybody who came in waved to someone or called out to a friend or acquaintance by name.  The atmosphere was relaxed and comfortable. Local art hangs on the walls.  Nothing is pre-fab, fake, or phony, and this place is not trying to be hip.  Just honest.

My daughter had what she called “a bangin’ bagel” with cream cheese and an iced-coffee, and I had a huge half-caff, which set us back just under 6 bucks.  Everything was delish (they brew Rostov’s).  How is it possible to have more fun for that kind of money?  Sandwich selection is massive, and I saw some intriguing offerings on the big chalk board.  I’ll have to go back with an appetite another day.

Looks like they have 8-cup coffee jugs too.  With a short detour off of 95 North I’ll be able to get coffee and bagels for my office team.