Quote Me on This

In a previous post I said I wanted to see the world “philistine”* re-enter common usage.  Why?  Because philistines and their rampant philistinism are at an all-time high.  Don’t struggle to describe these people — use the perfect word!

Since we’re rediscovering the word, let’s use it in a sentence:

“Religious dogma, social convention, and philistinism are the hammer, tong, and anvil of mediocrity.”  ~Robert Mitchell

I wish you would quote me on this.  I really really do.  In fact, if you quote me on your blog or website and post a link to it in the comments below, I will email you a coupon for a free download of my novel Ghilan.  Or, if you prefer, I will just jump up and down, sing your praises, and generally scamper about and proclaim what a smart and well-informed person you are.

* Philistine (Phi*lis”tine):  A person deficient in liberal culture and refinement; one without appreciation of the nobler aspirations and sentiments of humanity; one whose scope is limited to selfish and material interests.  (Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary, 1913 Edition)

UPDATERachel Izabella reblogged my quote.  So, as promised, this is a photo of me snapped mid-scamper.  As for singing her praises, let me say that Rachel’s blog is fascinating, fun, sometimes funny and other times sad, but always well informed — and she obviously has great taste in quotations.  I’d send her a coupon for a free download of my book but she already has it (and didn’t hate it).  You rock Rachel!


“Generally scampering about”

2 responses to “Quote Me on This

  1. Rachel Izabella

    Reblogged this on The Way of the Transgressor is Hard and commented:
    I want to see him “generally scamper about”. And he’s got a good point too. ☺

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